Developing a new sewing pattern

Merckwaerdigh is already selling quite a collection of sewing patterns for lingerie and swimwear but … it’s really time to start developing a new pattern to add to the collection. And I would like to share the whole process with you!


Through time I’ve made loads of sketches and collected an immens amount of pictures with nice details that might be used in my designs. No copy-cat stuff of course, there’s plenty of ideas of my own!

First decision to be made is what kind of pattern this should be. There already is a shortlist with type of patterns in demand and another sewing pattern for large cup sizes jumped out right away. There is one in the collection already : CUPL16


This new pattern should have some smaller sizes included as well starting from 70F. This decision narrowed down the load of ideas quite a bit. These larger cups need a good support and the smaller chest will probably be for kind of young women. Supportive young design is the key here!

Browsing through all the sketches I almost got lost because one idea usually leads to more ideas … but I managed to controll myself and made a first rough choice. This had to be repaeted a few times to get to a workable amount

schetsen nieuwpatroon

The developing process has come to a start!


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