Step 1 : choosing a first design

Since things don’t always turn out as expected it will be no use to to plan the whole proces and all designs ahead. Through the years I learned for me it works better to just start up with a design I really like and take it from there. Time for a first pick!


These 5 bra designs are left to choose from. A lot of things have to be considered though. The final pattern has to be manageable for a lot of different people. So too complicated or too size sensitve won’t make anybody happy. Also the materials needed have to be available. And of course I have to be able to wrtite instructions for it most people will understand. Well, all things considered the first choice will be … tada:


I love the triangle opening at the top of the cups. The extra straps going up from midfront will divide the breasts without making it a boring only functional bra. And the back will be spectaculair in a quite simple way without loosing access. I hate bras that look nice but are a struggle to get into. The long bra band is very trendy right now and will do fine for these small torsos. So far I’m pleased with this design!


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