Step 6 : drawing a bra fitting band

Of course I also need a pattern for a bra band to complete the bra. I always use a fitting band in the stage of testing the cups. Do you know this trick? It’s a regular plain band without cups and you just add cups over and over for testing purposes.

I have a lot of different sized bands but  not in this particulair size. Of course … why woud my life be easy all of a sudden?

So first I’ll have to draw a pattern in just a simple basic design, no fancy stuff. This will give a better view than a special design. If the bra is not fitting perfectly I will know for sure it’s the cups that are causing a problem and not the band.


First I’ll have to trace a basic bra band pattern in the right comparable cupsize. The rounding has the same length but should be more narrow in diameter for E-F-G cups. Narrowing the half circle is always a hassle that involves a lot of erasing. I find it helpfull to slide the paper around from time to time, this way I can get a view upside down which makes it easier to see wheter the new rounding is smooth. The whole process took an hour or so and after changing the rounding I still had to adjust the bottom edge and remeasure the band length. Piece of cake after redrawing the rounding …

Now the patterns are all set to start sewing a complete bra. So I traced al the parts and used my doubled pencil again to add the 0,75cm seams. Just cut them loose and we’re good to go!

bhband1e test+naden



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