Step 11 : final decisions on the cup

Because I did not like the straps to be so thin I made replacements with some more ‘body’ to it. To determine the right amount of increase I just pinned it on top of the thin red straps. Which prooved to be a smart move because it could do with some more boldness in my opinion. This saved me a lot of unnecessary sewing.


For the next, even bolder try-out I used scaloped lace. I always try to give several options for the patterns I sell and working with scalloped lace is always very popular. As consequence one edge always has to be straight without any curves since the scallops of this kind of lace are always in a straight line. You see, always a lot to consider …


This is more like it. If it was just for myself I would be tempted to make it even more bold. But it’s not and I think it might become too specific to be attractive for the many buyers I want to make happy. So this is what it will be, the final decision. That’s to say if it fitts better now because it’s still just pinned on the previous red straps.

Regarding the choice I want to provide the best thing to do for the all sewn test is to make the left cup different from the right cup. One plain cup with scalloped straps and one lace cup with plain straps.


First I sew a lace cup version and pinned it over the existing cup, just to get a better view of what it would be like. The visual seems quite allright. To speed things up a bit I will make another bra band to sew them in. It will be a long bra in the end so I might just as well try that type of band with these cups. Tomorrow … or the day after …  it’s still a struggle to fitt it in the busy working day.


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