Step 12 : the long bra test

The first test of the trendy long bra is ready. I did foreknow some problems wearing this type of bra and indeed, there were. One half is in scalloped lace and the other half in plain lycra, both with elastic at the bottom instead of right under the bust.


And that is exactly the problem when wearing the bra. Standing right up it looks very nice, like a little bustier. But every move leads to folds mid front and the elastic crawling up slowly.

Another problem is the closure at the back. I’ve used a regular 2 hook closure for this test and just as I thought it doesn’t keep the cups in place. It should close up all the way to the same height as the bottom of the underwires. That will make it look like a bustier and I don’t want a bustier, I want a proper bra.


There was some hope the multiple straps at the back might provide more support but no, they did not. The ones I used here were very thin and did do nothing at all. I did try with some wider elastic but forgot to take a picture, sorry …

Another try-out was the bikini clip to connect the straps at the back. Nice thinking but you really have to be very very lithe to get to the clip or have an old-fashioned ladies maid at hand all the time. A simple ring would be much better. Just get the head through first, then the arms and finish it off by closing the bra at the back.

Of course with such a ring you can’t anymore close the hooks at the front and turn the whole bra to the back. But that was never a good idea since it will deform the elasticity.


Even so, all this did not solve anything. There are some tricks one can do to get some extra support, you can see it in bridal underwear sometimes. It mainly involves stretching the back around the body to let it close at the front. Or adding loads of boning. All solutions which will leave the idea of a bra and lean towards a bustier.

Well. it was worth trying out. Now I know for sure this type will only do for small cup sizes but not for the bigger ones I’m making this design for. I do have another idea though to solve this problem of loosing too much support, one which will keep the proper bra design intact .


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