step 16 : cup straps adjustment

The plain straps in the cup turned out just a little too small and had to be changed. I made another grade and cut them out in my all time favourite fleece lining to test. Again just pinned them on the existing straps for a first glance.

shortbra strap2etest

That’s in better proportion to the cups. I made new straps, just had enough of the plain blue left. And then the hard work; taking the bra apart to exchange the straps. Remind me next time NEVER to use black again for a test …

Luckily I only had to rip away part of the channeling which is stitched with a regular straight stitch, easy to remove with a seam ripper. Same for the straight stitching I used to keep together all the layers of cup – lining – straps. Still it looked pretty messy once done!

shortbra losgetornd

Getting the new straps back on was a piece of cake after all this. And the result was as hoped for, much better proportions! I can continue grading in all sizes now.

shortbra nieuwestraps



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