Step 18 : the technical drawing

For a better understanding of the anatomy of the bras I always add a technical drawing to the sewing patterns I’m selling. All details will be clearly visible there. Since I’ve been developing sewing patterns for a long time it turned out more efficient to use a general template for this purpose. I did not make this straight upfront and back but just a little twisted to the side. This way it will also show part of the sides which I often use for special curved drafting. I draw these on the same chalk paper I use for the patterns, as you can see the template shines through so clearly.

bra1 techtektemplate

It’s a very precise job, quite different from design sketching or an artist impression of the bra. Everything has to be in exact proportion and show every detail from the way the draft lines curve up to the stitching and materials. Such drawing are used in the industry for clearifying all to pattern makers and sewing rooms. I know not all of my customers are used to work with such drawings but I’ve noticed after a while most of them start to appreciate this somewhat technical piece.

Making them might be a challenge sometimes but I do enjoy the work involved. It’s a nice mixture of technical and drawing skills. And of course it’s a good excuse to get my hands on every new type of pen I can find. Research I call this nasty habbit. Just around my corner is one of the largest shops in the country selling paint, paper and everything you can or cannot imagine to draw. Lucky me!

bra1 techtek

Now the’re done they can be incorporated in the descriptions which I hopefully can finish this week. I’m half way the description of how to sew it and still have to make a list of the materials needed, measured and all.


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