Step 19 : writing directions

Now the technical drawings are done I could also finish the directions and list of materials. Without it just the pattern sheet by itself wouldn’t do most people any good! The descriptions are already half way because during the actual sewing I had kept notes and spent some time in between to write. But for the list of materials I had to wait for the patterns to be completed. Every piece has to be included to get accurate dimensions.

bra1 patroon opmeten

It’s just a matter of ligning them all up for every different material. The fabrics usually have a width of around 140cm. The pieces have to doubled since the patterns are only drawn for the left side. So placing them on one line up to 70cm and measuring the height is the easiest way. I’m sure you’re all familiair with the shifting and moving to profit most from the fabric!

Scalloped lace always has a given height which cannot be changed. I do hope costumers will read the list first before buying their lace, it’s such a dissappointment to be all set to start a new project and then to find out you got the wrong material … That’s why I always pay a lot of attention and care into making such a list and into descriptions for the sewing itself.

Measuring the notions is important as well, each design and each size needs different lengths. I only measure the largest size, this way there will never be any shortage of notions. Remember the layout I made in the beginning of sewing with all the fabrics and notions in place? At that point I already made a list with the type of things needed. Now, with the patterns finished, I just have to measure and add the amount to this list.

bra1 testtekst

Luckily I do have a kind of template for setting up the descriptions. First I look which existing pattern is most corresponding to the new one and use it as a starting point. Some general parts will always be the same for every pattern I develope. How to find the right size on the pattern sheet, the cutting and adding the seams (which by the way are more narrow than for upper clothes), how to layer the fabrics before pinning and sewing and so on and on.

Still most of the work is in writing down the sewing process in the right order. Specially writing it down in a way everybody can understand. When I think of all the times I’ve rewritten a description because somebody misinterpreted1 There is always room for improvement and I’m always happy to get feedback when it’s not clear to a costumer. Also this gives a glimpse of the many ways our human brain works, very interesting to see the presumptions and associations everyone has without even realizing. Communication is a major key in our excistance, or am I getting to philosophical now?

anyway, I’m really glad these 2 designs are completed now, it always feels nice when part of a project can be wrapped up. I’ll have a little break to drive around to friends and family in the car I just bought. Haven’t seen everybody for way too long and this car still needs to become my almost best friend … And then I continue by choosing another design I can include in this pattern.


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