Step 20 : make a plunge

Today I took a plunge in my inspiration boxes again for another bra design to add to the new sewing pattern. I know for E-F-G cups a plunge bra often solves a lot of problems. Therefore that will be the type of bra I want to add. The inspiration boxes, full of pictures and sketches I’ve made through the years, always is a good starting point. Good but messy, I should really clean them out one day because there is way too much pictures in there. But it seems such a pity to simply throw them out. They are still from the pre-Pinterest era … Nowadays I store inspiring pictures on my Pinterest boards

I have a large collage in my office room, kept it from the days I had courses for lingerie in my studio at home. I used a roll of  wallpaper as a background so it would fill up the wall. The collage was glued over time after time to keep my students inspired with pictures of the latest designs I brought home after visiting the yearly Lingerie Fair in Paris. It’s not been updated for some years now but still gives a nice atmosphere to an otherwise quite boring office space.

officewall pictures


Anyway, it took some time since I always get distracted when I’m surrounded by al those lovely pictures and start to dream away. But I managed to narrow down all the plunge bra design ideas tumbling around in my head and came up with a nice collection of sketches. Of course I can only use one but it’s good to have some in store as well … in those overcrowded boxes of mine. Oh boy, I must really clean them out!

bra2 schetsen

And then the really hard part, choose just one. I like them all but have to consider more than just liking them. The bra needs to be supportive enough for the choosen size range but also a bit funky since most women wearing those sizes will still be young. The design cannot be too specific because it must be possible to use all kind of colours and make it with or without scalloped laces. That way everyone can get their personal stamp on the bra.

Also I have to consider the difficulty of sewing. It’s no fun when only very experienced seamstresses are able to sew it together. There may be some challenge in making the bra but it must still be feasible for most people. So one by one I could put some designs aside. It felt like judging in one of those talent contests, I kept saying sorry to every design I rejected. At this point there are 2 still competing.

bra2 keus

It’s difficult to decide. Do I use the same theme of overlapping straps (like the one on the left) for the plunge bra as well or should I use a completely different style (like the one on the right)?

And as for support, the left one has extra support midfront through the loose strap and the right one can get extra support behind the lace side part. It will be best to make a fleece test for both designs I guess. Hopefully that will clear things up. Or not …


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