Step 28 : PRE-ORDER started

The new pattern will get the code name EFG40. Today I’ve sent out the Merckwaerdigh newsletter offering a discount pre-order for this new pattern. The regular price will be €12,50 but when ordering through e-mail reply it will cost only €8 untill Friday 14 november 2014. If you did not subscribe to the newsletter yet just let me know through the contact link on this blog. I will send out a Paypal invoice for swift payment.

The bra sizes on the pattern will be UK sizes 32/42E – 30/40F – 28/38G Comparable USA sizes are one cup size down from UK sizes (32E = 32D)  so US sizes are 32/42D – 30/40E – 28/38F



I will work out the pattern and descriptions in a way that offers a lot of possibilities to varie.

Two designs are a plunge bra which is very low midfront. For many deeper cups such a plunge style solves a lot of problems about underwires that won’t stay close to the body. These designs have a power bar all around the base of the cup, from the mid front all the way up to the straps. Instead of hiding the power bar at the inside it is used as a decorative feature at the outside. One design is with plain cups and lace power bar, the other with lace cups and plain power bar.
The other two designs are with side straps at both sides of the cup. These will provide enough support and allow the cup to have a nice decollete at the top. Here also the choice to use lace straps on a plain cup or plain straps on a lace cup.
All 4 designs can be with a regular bra band or as a double layered lace long bra. And all 4 can have regular elastic straps or padded shoulder pads and a spectaculair criss cross back. There are 2 different types of back for the band and these are also interchangeable.
This pattern will really challenge your creativity!
It will still take a week or 2 or 3 (depending how busy the rest of my work will turn out)  to work out all the details and get the pattern ready for shipment. And of course I will keep you posted about the progress here. The new large size plunge bra is finished and looks great. I just wait for some daylight to get pictures to show you. The days are already geting very short! Which made me really angry with myself because again I used black … not a good choice when it’s getting dark so early in the day.
For an overview of all the Merckwaerdigh internet activities take a look at

4 thoughts on “Step 28 : PRE-ORDER started

  1. Where do I sign up for your newsletter? I noticed you left eBay and had a bit of an online search to see if you are still selling, pleased to see you still are.


    • Hello Diana,
      At the bottom of this post is the link to where all internet activities are together. You find the subscription button on the home page. Your gmail account for this blog was included in your comment sent to me and I’ve already added this to the subscription list for you.
      Most lingerie listings are in the Etsy shop now and sales are through Etsy or direct e-mail if you prefer not to use Etsy.


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