Step 30 : drawing all done

Developing a sewing pattern to sell not just  asks for bra making skills, a lot of drawing and writing is involved as well. It’s quite different from drawing a pattern for your own use. Now everybody else has to be able to understand the pattern parts and how to use them. Through the years I’ve learned a lot about the way other peoples minds can work. And about my own mind for that matter … Most problems in understanding each other come from expectations one doesn’t even realizing to have. It’s like the mind blocks when things turn out too different from what we thought it would be. Luckily I ws always able to print on demand which made it easy to adjust pattern or description for even better understanding.

Anyway, like I mentioned, a lot of drawing is involved. When the pattern parts have been graded in all the sizes needed I trace them in a different colour for each size. When I started making the patterns coloured prints were very expensive and I used special marked lines to distinguish the lines. I’m so glad these days are over and I can afford a large size printer of my own to get the coloured lines which are so much easier to follow.

bra2 lijnkleur

Still, just colouring the lines is not always enough. Grading is done from the existing alignment in the ground pattern. For me easy to understand the shape of the lines since I draw them myself and know what they are about. But for somebody seeing the parts for the very first time it can be a very confusing puzzle, al these colours jumping around each other. That’s why sometimes I have to deceide to retrace them in a different order which will make more sense for the DIY user. It’s much more work of course but an effort well spent!

bra2 tekenpowerbar

When all that has been done the pattern also needs a chart to show what colour belongs to which size. One for the Dutch and the German version and another one in UK sizes. And another drawing to explane what the arrows and such on the pattern could possibly mean. Because not everybody is used to these designations. In triple because each language needs one of their own. Of course there is also a logo on each pattern, not only with my name but also the code name of the pattern and which year the copyright is established, in triple languages again.

There is always a lot of confusion about copyright. Many think when they buy someting they can do whatever they want with it. Not true! So I always write in the logo frame the pattern is only for personal use, not for commercial purposes, and reproduction in any form is not allowed. Just to be clear about it. As you have been able to see these past weeks/months developing such a pattern takes a lot of time. Time I could not spend on other ways to earn an income. This is my work, not just a way to keep me from being bored …

logo legenda maten

Well, almost there drawing concerned. I had already made the design sketch for the front cover when I got the pre-order out. Also the technical drawings for the designs with the straps at each side of the cup was done before. So the last drawing to be done was the technical drawing for the designs with the power bar. And that was it as far as drawings are involved.


Now all these drawings have to be scanned and get their place in the written directions and on the pattern sheet.


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2 thoughts on “Step 30 : drawing all done

  1. Hi Margareet,
    Such a lot of work to develop a pattern, and to document all your work here! I am so happy and thankful you share your experiences with us, they are REALY a good way to follow. I am so tired but I can not stop reading your blog. Luckily there are only 2 posts I didn’t red yet :-)))) Thanks again for this effort, waiting impatiently your next post:
    Rozália from Etsy

    Liked by 1 person

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