Finishing up!

Well, this project is finally coming to an end. With all drawing done I could place them where they belong, as an illustration for the sewing descriptions and the patterns themselves neatly together on a large A1 sheet. First of all the Dutch version was to be finished. After all, it’s my home and where it all started. The descriptions for each design got there own illustration to clearify what exactly you are going to sew. It makes it easier to recognise what parts are involved and what the design will looks like in the end. The rough description of the first 2 designs was already done but some parts I partly rewrote to keep the same way of describing for all designs. And every time I read it it seems possible to be even more clear, or I find an easier way to put the process into words …

And of course there is a sheet with the exact amounts of fabric and notions you will need for them. That’s always tricky, I like to puzzle around with my fabrics to make the most of them. But through the years I learned not everybody is used to doing that or doesn’t bother as much as I do. So nowadays I give a more generous amount that will be needed for the largest size on the pattern. Better save than sorry!

EFG40-coverblad - kopie

For each pattern description is a coloured cover, the colour depending on the selling price. It provides the opportunity to show what the design might looks like in real life. Another thing I learned through the years; not everybody can ‘read’ those more technical drawing. Placing them on a human sketch  makes more sense to a lot of people. And all I want is to make things as easy as possible for all my costomers.

Once the Dutch description was finished it was finally time to move on to the pattern sheet. All the pattern parts were scanned in PDF to garantee the real size to stay steady. Before merging them on a digital sheet I like to spray out the parts for real on a paper sheet first. Moving and changing position there is quicker and easier. It’s never clear upfront what will be the best position.

EFGlosA1 - kopie

I hate those sewing patterns where every part is almost impossible to recognise because they are all in and over each other. So I try to place them separate and in the same position as they have to be assembled. In this case it led to turn one of the designs upside down. No confusion this way what belongs together and what not.

The digital process of positioning as always was pretty time consuming. Maybe I’m a bit too precise with this but mostly because it just takes time and patience. And of course, what’s new, those computers seem to have a life of their own. It never works as expected. I do have a step by step plan for this process but find some options I’ve used before suddenly won’t work and things like that. Usually a software update can be blamed but no matter what I still have to find another solution right there. A bit fristrating at times but I always get it done in the end.

EFGuitprinter - kopie

This is such a happy moment; seeing the first pattern sheet leaving the printer. Completely as it should be, nothing had to be adjusted or changed. It all worked out just fine!

In the meantime I’ve already printed half of the Dutch descriptions have been printed and all the envelopes are prepared. Tomorrow I get help to finish off the Dutch load and hopefully they can all go the post.

Leaving me the task of translating descriptions and pattern sheet into English to get these orders going. And after that the German version … It will still keep me pretty busy for a while! So I will take a break from this blog untill it’s all done. Thank you all for joining me on this project!


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One thought on “Finishing up!

  1. Thanks for your blog series about designing this pattern. I really enjoyed it, even aftre all these years. Since I have no sewing machine at hand right now, I am reading all sorts of sewing related blogs and books. “Een tweede huid” is in front of me so I got curious about your drafting method, and found this blog series. Thanks again! And the good news is: I purchased the pattern a few months ago because I really like the design!

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