Start of a new year

First of all I would like to wish you all a very happy and inspiring 2015!

For me, like most businesses, each new year starts off with some rather unpleasant tasks like bookkeeping and checking all inventory. And when I say all I really mean it! Each and every item should be checked and counted and measured for tax purposes. It almost makes one regret to have all those lovely fabrics and notions in stock. So that’s what I’ve been doing most of this first day in 2015. Bookkeeping was not too bad but the inventory check will take some more days I’m afraid.

The goods are no longer in one room together since Dutch laws changed and I no longer can deduct the cost of a workroom. That’s only possible when the space has it’s own entrance and separate wc. Which is not the case so  decided not to keep things separate anymore. Work and living are blending nicely nowadays … I’ll give you some impression of the task at hand.

voorraad stoffen


A whole wall of fabrics and laces in the studio where I draw and sew, at the back a tiny peek of the ‘office’ room where the computers and printers are settled. And at the front the large white table to spread out everything I need to cut.

voorraad four

On the opposite wall I keep the notions that are mainly used. Can you imagine measuring all those reels … Well, I don’t actually because most of it is been weight. Once I discovered how much quicker this is I never measured again. But that’s just one room …

voorraad dozenel

The storage room is totally packed, one whole wall is devoted to elastics with leftover pieces of lace and boxes with last pieces of fabric. The boxes in the ‘wall of elastics’ are not all full anymore but still, even just taking them out to weigh is saving me a whole month of exercising.

The opposite wall is full of boxes as well, mainly vintage laces and private fabrics I still plan to use one day for my own wardrobe. Or maybe for an art project since there is too much to ever wear in this lifetime.

voorraad koffers

And finally this wall of suitcases is in my living room. Don’t worry, at the back it’s just wallpaper and not real! It’s a bit messy now since I’ve recently moved furniture around and the cupboards still need a paintjob. That’s left for this Spring. In the suitcases I keep all the collected vintage goodies I use in the jewelry I sell in the DaWanda shop. Each suitcase in it’s own theme to keep some order in it all. And all these too have to be counted, measured or weight. Oh boy, almost start to feel sorry for myself … Hopefully your first day in 2015 was more relaxed!


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