Lace cup lining surprises

Some people have asked me why in the DIY kits I’m selling the lining for the bra cups not always have the same colour as the lace. So in this blog I would like to share the surprising effects a contrasting colour can bring. But first of all I must confess sometimes it’s just a necessity because the exact same colour is not available. And since lace usually tends to be a bit sheer it’s better to have a contrast in colour instead of a colour that’s just a bit off. Beside that more practical reason colour contrast is also a perfect way to make the bra look  more interesting.

I made some pictures to show what happens to the lace with various background colours. Specially dark coloured lace like black gets very dull when the same colour lining is used. The pattern in the lace tends to disappear completely and that’s a shame because most laces have such lovely patterns in them. As an example a picture of black lace with black and nude lining beside each other.



Nude lining is always a good option when there really is no matching colour available. Do choose a nude close to your own complexion, too light or too dark might completely ruin the effect. But beside this neutral option a completely different colour will spice things up dramaticly. Of course it would be best to use the same colour for the notions as well or use a printed fabric where this colour is included.


As you see in this picture it’s not just the same result with any given colour, the red makes the lace more mysterious while the lilac provides a bit more and colder contrast. That’s also why you always have to test the combination over your skin, just lay it out on the back of your hand to see what happens. It’s always a surprise, some for the best and some for the worst …

Multicolour lace is even more complex. The same colour lining as the main colour takes away the pattern but let the contrast accents come out more. When using the accent colour this motive tends to disappear while the pattern of the main colour gets all the attention. Just a matter of choice really, what’s more important or what can be combined with available elastics and other notions?


In this cobalt lace the flowers have some pale lilac accents which are more clear with the cobalt lining but fade away with the pale lilac lining. When using completely different colours like black or nude both shades in the lace are very vibrant on the black but get boring on the nude. So really, there is no general rule here.



Another example with antique blue with turquois accents shows how that there’s no limit in possibilities. Over the same antique blue only the turquois pops up but both colours come to life over the brique lining. Hwo would have thought of that? So don’t be shy trying colours and never stop finishing the bra because you don’t have the right colour lining.


I’ve made quite some challenging bras this way but unfortunally never made pictures before they were sold. Although this technique was used in an example for my latest sewing pattern EFG40 and I do have a picture of that one.

bra2 plungeXL

It doesn’t show very well in the picture but under the black lace is a layer of red. Cameras don’t pick up such contrasts very well, in reality it’s a very interesting shimmer. Hopefully I’ve inspired you to try something different for a change and opened new possibilities!


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