No bra closure in the right colour?

To get a bra closure in the right matching colour is always a challenge for a DIY lingerie sewer, even for me. One could consider to dye a plain white closure but there’s no garantee it will turn out the exact same colour. Another solution is to add some decoration in a c0lour you do have a matching closure for. That’s why I never throw away even the smallest remnants of scalloped lace, these are ideal for emergency adding when no closure is available in the right colour. Just a small piece on top of the fabric (stitched along the scallops) will do the trick. Let the lace return somewhere else in the bra, like midfront or along the side of the cup. This way nobody will suspect it was just an emergency solution. The brave ones might choose a contrast colour but a shade some lighter than the rest of the bra will be fine as well. Just do NOT pick a colour that’s only a little off. contrast is always better than just not right.



With the lack of lace remnants a nice decoration could be usefull as well. Usually embroidered patches are not so hard to find. Do measure the width of the bra end before buying anything, it might go over the edge a little without consequences but too small never looks good.

Of course you could make a special pattern part for it as well as I did in my pattern BHST2. Or use just the back part of this pattern in another bra. Do check the width of the bra band before cutting when you deceide to use this solution, changing a pattern may have effect on the length of seams.

BHST2 Arug

For those who are not too fond of all that lace plain ribbon or elastic might be a solution. Just add some stripes at the back and the different coloured closure will be no more problem. Specially when the straps are made the same colour. You could even use ribbon for the back part of the straps and the bra colour again for elastic straps at the front. Do use the ribbon only vertical, you would loose too much stretch when a non-stretch ribbon is used at the width.



And then there is China as a last resort. I don’t know if it’s the same in other countries but in the Netherlands (Holland) always are very cheap Chinese bras for sale on the local markets. For just a few EUR (or Dollars) one can buy a complete bra. The sizes never seem to be right and the quality is poor but you can take it apart and use just the notions for your own bra project. All in the same matching colour and much cheaper than buying them separately … Just like the padded bra I used to show you some ideas, I bought this for just 2 EUR on the market in my hometown Rotterdam. The colour matches a printed lycra I want to use for myself but have not all the notions for. And yes, even with my stock I do not always have everything I want … I will use only the closure and straps, and take the underwires out. I’ll just cut the padding off it, might use this one day for a small size bra.




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