DIY Lingerie Booklet ‘what do I still need’

It’s never easy to get all those fabrics and notions together in the right colours when working on a lingerie project. Because one always seems to run into something you need without having a sample at hand to be sure the colour is the right one. I’m sure everybody knows this irritating situation, When you go out well prepared for what you need it’s never there and at the most unexpected times and places suddenly it is! But of course then you never know what to deceide, buy with the risk the colour doesn’t match after all or leave it and can’t stop thinking about it afterwards …

Some years ago one of my students showed me a great way to keep track of things. She used one of those oldfashioned booklets for small photo’s, about 18x11cm with clear show pockets to put the photo’s at both sides. They are hardly been used anymore since everybody has photo’s on their smartphone to show around. But still available at those dollar shops for example and extremely cheap now. She’d put a tiny bit in there of everything she already had for a certain project and kept the booklet in her purse at all times. At the time I took a picture of her booklet as a reminder to buy one.


Such a clever idea! The booklet is mall enough not to be in the way and wherever you go it’s always available to compare. No need to stuff your head with all those thoughts of what you still need to look for and forget in the end. At least I always did, ended up buying stuff I already had or more and more of just not the right colour. No more constantly checking which projects still need some notions, just get the booklet out at any time there’s a shop or a stand with fabrics and notions.

Don’t bother when a project can’t be finished just because one or two items are still missing. You can leave it in there as long as it takes. It works even better with a drawing of the project the materials are needed for. The seller will understand better what’s it’s for and might suggest an alternative you hadn’t thought about. In my classes lot of times we started the sessions by showing booklets to each other, often resulting in some great ideas how to solve the lack of elastic or straps in the right colour. They grew into very inspiring brainstorm sessions!


The covers of such booklets in general are a bit boring but ca easily be replaced with a nice picture at choice. You can use pictures from magazines or print out some from one of my boards at Pinterest. I’ve collected a whole load of inspiring pictures there  Or make a collage of remnants lace or fabric you’ve used before. The cover of my booklet is a picture of the latest sewing pattern I’ve produced last autumn.


Inside I don’t really need pages with things still missing since I’ve quite a lot of choice in my studio. One of the benefits of reselling … No, my pages are full of tiny pieces what colours I DO have in stock. Whenever I run into an unexpected selling spot or when I visit a wholesaler it’s just a matter of getting the booklet out to see which colours I do NOT have to buy. I can imagine this would work too for those almost outgrowing their stocking space …




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2 thoughts on “DIY Lingerie Booklet ‘what do I still need’

  1. This is exactly what I need to be able to collect all those bra components. We have a giant fabric wholesale outlet and you just never know what you might come across. Thanks for sharing this idea.

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  2. What a great idea. I have so many parts for bras, but am still missing that one thing to make it up. I was just going through my stock this morning and wondering what was complete and what wasn’t. Thank you for sharing this.

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