Pictures of sewn Merckwaerdigh patterns

For every Merckwaerdigh sewing pattern several test have been made before publishing. They don’t always appear on photographs, somehow it didn’t feel urgent enough to take the time. But the past week I took some time for this when my lovely daughter was around to help out. The pictures we took this time are added to the Etsy pattern listings.I must admit not all of the items ever made are still available for taking pictures. When I started developing sewing patterns there were still a lot of lingerie parties going on where I sold my lingerie. Just like the Tupperware parties at peoples homes but slightly more intimate of course. Just imagine your home full of ladies in lingerie, popping out of every room in another new set. Every guys dream I suppose. But … they were not invited! Girls only at those meetings.

Anyway, what I ment to say is a lot of samples and tests were sold at those meetings. Some were kept though when the DIY courses went on, students did benefit of having a sample around to see what they were supposed to create. Words and letters aren’t half as powerfull to explane the process as the real thing! Taking pictures turned out pretty time consuming. Not only dressing and undressing the doll took time but also finding an angle that would do the items justice. Somehow the bosom seemed much bigger in each picture. It made me respect those fancy fashion photographers a lot more!

We started out with some bras this time. They are always the most difficult item to understand how to sew. The easiest are the soft ones without underwires, like the basic one in pattern BHST10 design A. When this pattern was being developed I had made a plain sample without any lace so it could be used for swimwear as well.

BHS10A          BHS10C

The lace one beside it is from the same sewing pattern BHS10 design C. Also without underwires but a bit more difficult to sew since there are 3 pieces in the cup. It’s kind of hard to see here but there is a lace side bar in the cup which continues into the straps. This provides some extra support and makes the bra look more luxurious. The sizes included in BHS10 are not that big so we took some pictures from sewing pattern CUPL16 as well, ment for cups E and up. Design A is on the left and design B on the right.

CUPL16A           CUPL16B

As you can see, design A has a side bar just like the smaller sized design in pattern BHS10. In reality the cup is not as gigantic as it seems in the picture but still has to carry quite some weight being a size 100E (=US 44A). Here the side bar doesn’t only provide extra support but also make the bust seem just a bit more narrow. That’s because of the difference in fabric. From the front it seems the cups end where the dogtail starts, just playing a little visual trick. The all black bra is more straightforward with a lace upper cup and the plain under cup divided in 2 parts. The difficulty here is the decorative opening in the padded straps. But of course you could leave this out and make the straps without that tricky open part.

Another picture is from pattern MIX4, all kind of designs with a balconnette cup. A lot of people, including me, like balconnette cups. They always give the bust a nice boost. In fact, this is my favourite pattern for my personal lingerie sewing. Because I always make a bra shirt instead of a real bra. As it happens I do have a kind of delicate area around my tummy and prefer to have this covered at all times. So personally I always use design D but no chance to take a picture of that one because I was wearing it for a few days and can’t have a dirty bra in the picture … So just the bra of design C it is and do note the lovely split straps which add some spice to it.


At the time of developing I had already made some pictures of pattern BHST2 which are in the Etsy listings. To test I had back then also sewn the bustiers in this pattern. Do they in general use another word in the US instead of bustier like bodice maybe? Anyway, being my usual stubborn me, those were not exactly like the pattern describes so I never used them in the listing. Design D on the left is pretty much like the pattern says with only some piping added to the seams but design C on the right has seaparate red hip panels and extra lacing at the front. Just for fun …

BHST2D            BHST2C

It was a kind of dark day when we took pictures so not much daylight time left. We could just about manage 2 more bustiers before it got too dark inside. On the left is pattern BUS2 design A which has a slight Retro feel to it with the padded stitched through under cups and lacing at the front. It does provide a good amount of support in spite of the lack of underwires. That’s why a lot of testing is involved in all of my patterns, I do insist to give each pattern the best possible cut. And on the right is the strapless bustier of pattern STRAP4 design B. This is being used a lot for weddings since wedding dresses tend not to take into account a woman needs some sort of bra under her dress. One does want to look at her best that special day!

BUS2A            STRAP4B

Surprise, the clouds opened and we could still fitt in pattern MIX5L design D for a double layered tankini, specially for larger sizes and without underwires since these hurt larger cups when the skin is wet. You see, I always try to take in consideration the feedback women give me about what they would like to make for themselves. Specially those specific things they can’t buy in shops. At the back you see the red inner layer peeping out from under the polka dots. This has a hidden bikini clip to close it tight around the body just as bra would. The use of 2 different fabrics makes it even more playful.

MIX5LD           MIX5LDrug

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