Merckwaerdigh Beach skirts FREE download available

Always wanted to make your own beach skirt the easy way? Now you can download the FREE Merckwaerdigh PDF file how to do this! Tips, ideas and sewing patterns with easy step-by-step instructions, all for free to help getting started.It took a while to work out this free download because I had to get used to a new open source software first. New to me that is, this ‘Scribus’ software has been around for quite a while I guess. It’s a Desktop Publishing type of software where you can move and turn your texts and pictures as you desire. So far I’ve always used Words table facilities and got reasonably clever with it too. But this new software opens up other and certainly easier possibilities! So, for starters I made this download about sewing your own BEACH SKIRTS.


It includes tips what to keep in mind when buying your fabric and how to finish of the hem in a decorative appealing way. But above all there are some very easy sewing patterns included based on a simple rectangle piece of cloth. Anyone can accomplish this, a beach skirt really is the ideal garment to start up sewing as a new hobby. Just follow the very easy step-by-step instructions how to draw the paper patterns and how to cut and sew the fabric!


Beside this basic rectangle skirt you will find several other ideas worked out to make the skirt more interesting. You can use them as your skills grow during this Summer adventure. And of course they are usefull additions and suggestions for the ones among you who are more than enough skilled already! Let me give you a preview of another example how to play around with this rectangle base; an asymmetric skirt


Some skirts can be knotted with the fabric itself, like the long pareo we know from those gorgeous tropical islands and some shorter versions we got familiair with. But nowadays most beach skirts are closed with a thin drawstring instead of those bulky fabric knots. So instructions how to sew a drawstring the easy way is included as well.


You can find the download at the Merckwaerdigh internet site on in the Free Download section. Enjoy!

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