Just to Spark your Imagination

As announced last month I’m working on making my patterns into downloads at the moment. And now just a little update where it stands. I could have done it the easy way, just cut up the existing pattern sheets in 8 printable parts and add the directions as they are. But whatever I do, I have to do it at the best of my abilities. That’s just my nature …For the paper patterns the directions had to be kept kind of brief considering the shipping cost. They are just a little shy in weight of the postal turning point. Any additional sheets would push it over in weight and increase the shipping cost.

As a download this problem doesn’t exist. So the download directions will be more elaborate and include a lot of illustrations. While working on the new style of the download patterns I really enjoyed adding a last page full of design ideas. Only some rather simple variations, all based on the same pattern. Just to Spark your Imagination!

ill pocketboxer sparkimage

This was the one for the Pocket Boxer, a brand new design that doesn’t exist in any of the paper patterns. The subscribers for the Merckwaerdigh Newsletter will probably have seen this already since this pattern is available for free to them untill Februari 15 (2016) as an introduction to the new downloads.

Preparing this page was so enjoyable, I couldn’t resist to keep this idea as a template item for all the future download patterns.  So every download pattern will end with its own page like this! Let me share the process with you:

ill sparkimage

One bra pattern is completely finished now, the sporty soft bra which is design A of the paper pattern BHS10. As you can see in this picture I always first prepare a black and white drawing on chalk paper. This will provide nice sharp lines in the drawing, much sharper as on white sketching paper. It’s copy printed and next step is coloring the design. Coloring on chalk paper doesn’t work well, always gets a bit smudgy. and this way I can easily print another one and redo coloring when the result is a bit disappointing.

I use a template for my technical drawings (the body in the picture). To keep some speed into the project I use the same template for these design ideas. There are so many patterns waiting to be processed! As the one I’m working on right now, the Low Rider panty which is based on design C in paper pattern JST6.

ill lowrider zwartwit

Halfway the black and white drawings here, thought just in time to take a picture of this step for you! Once ideas pop up in my head it’s somehow difficult to stop. But these ideas are ment to inspire my customers and not myself. So I need to present them crisp and clear and they have to be easy to use for this pattern.

ill lowrider inkleuren

Coloring is a good way to support a design idea. Of course anyone should use colors to their own taste. But by using contrasting colors it gets more clear which are the separate parts. For myself, I’m pretty excited about this newly added inspiration page. And so far got some lovely comments on the Pocket Boxer page too! Let’s hope it will turn out to be time and energy well spent.

For an overview of all the Merckwaerdigh internet activities take a look at www.merckwaerdigh.nl

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