How to DOWNLOAD Merckwaerdigh lingerie patterns

And is officially done! After the offer deadline of Februari 15 for a free download lingerie pattern for all my Merckwaerdigh newsletter subscribers the first 4 download patterns are available now in my Etsy shop Merckwaerdigh Download Patterns on Etsy 

They are there since Monday and sales have already been made, how encouraging!

It took quite some research to avoid problems for both me and my costomers. It’s never easy when it comes to starting up something new. At least not when you want to get it right from the start. For me the main problem are the ridiculous new VAT rules within EU, as a seller you have to pay the costomers VAT for them in the country they uploaded the files and not in the sellers country. Quite an impossible task for small businesses. Luckily Etsy has to do this by court order, so for now they will only be available in the Merckwaerdigh Etsy shop.

For my costomers I researched printing problems because I noticed a lot of complains on the internet. Not surprising though, unlike downloads just for reading a sewing pattern has to be very precise. Specially for lingerie and even more for bras. Just a few mm off here and there and you will get a bigger or smaller sized cup, every mm counts when it comes to bra making!

Every download pattern is a PDF file which will ensure the exact measurements and starts with a full page how to download and how to print in the best way to keep measurements exact. Because sometimes software just is not that ideal compatable. This is what I discovered in my research and will count PDF pattern downloads from any brand:

  • DOWNLOAD on a computer or laptop and NOT on a smartphone or tablet. These have a different kind of software that usually effects sizing.
  • SAVE the file on your computer or laptop before printing. DO NOT print directly in your browser from screen or from Mac Preview, measurements will be off size. Do not print directly from an e-mail either
  • OPEN the file in recent Adobe Acrobat Reader but don’t use the Acrobat Reader that comes with Windows 8 because many problems were reported. Download recent Acrobat Reader if needed.
  • PRINT in REAL SIZE setting instead of 100%
  • SELECT paper A4 size when the print is still a bit off, specially for US buyers this could be usefull
  • PROOF PRINT the first page (or download proof print here) before printing the whole pattern and carefully CHECK the test square

Well, enough printing tech-talk for now! Want to see some samples of the download patterns available right now? The kick-off is with 4 patterns not too hard for newbies in lingerie sewing. Prices depend on which country you download from. Etsy will charge an additional VAT rate to EU residents.

pocket boxer duo

Of course the Pocket Boxer is in the shop now, most of you will now this one and maybe even made a free download during the one-month offer.

LowRider duo

For the upcoming Summer this Low Rider panty will appeal to young and body-firm women. It can be used for lingerie as well, descriptions how to do so are all included. This pattern is also included in paper version pattern JST6 design C


And then there is this soft bra Sporty for the smaller sizes with just a little support. Can be used for swimwear, sports or lingerie (even with lace) This one is also in paper pattern BHS10 design A

MIX5L Arechts

I won’t forget the larger cups! This soft bra Soft XL provides extra support with a side bar, padded straps and even some extra straps right above the cups. These will keep the cups tight to the body. This one can also be used for both lingerie or swimwear.

New download patterns will be added in the Etsy shop gradually as soon as one is finished again. Most will be download versions of existing paper patterns but there will be new ones too in the future. These will be announced in the Merckwaerdigh newsletter. For an overview of all the Merckwaerdigh internet activities and the button to suscribe to the Merckwaerdigh Newsletter take a look at

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    • Yeah, I’ve noticed the extra traffic when this review appeared!
      Not sure there will be a PDF of this one though. The pattern parts are quite complicated and very hard to divide fitting a smaller page to print at home. It would be quite a challenging puzzle for customers. If ever it would surely not come out in PDF this year. Sorry …

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