The Merckwaerdigh e-course Bra Pattern Drafting is READY!

In the last posts I shared 20 previews of the content in the Merckwaerdigh e-course for bra pattern drafting and in this post you will find the last bits because the e-course is READY and available in the Merckwaerdigh shop on the Etsy platform!

But I also promised some overview of all the alterations you can make in the Master Pattern which I’ve described throughout the series of blogs. In the new e-course are 2 pages with a SUMMARY of all those alterations. This will make it easier to get your head around it when an idea for a new bra pattern pops in your head or you got inspired by a bra you saw in a picture.

But there is more usefull stuff at the end of this course, there is a template included you can use over and over again to sketch your new bra design on. Not just for fun but as a first step to develope a new pattern. The template has the right proportions of the master pattern and by sketching on it you can already determine the right spots for every detail in the bra.

When you use a photo for inspiration try to find a clear and not too small real life photo of a woman wearing a bra. A bra without a wearer will not show the right proportions very well. All details like coupe seams and other important things should be visible clearly in the photo. The search for a good photo is an important exercise to start noticing details.

TIP If you use a photo :
add the contours of the master pattern with a pencil on the photo to get an indication how to draft it.

If you make your own sketch or just have this vague idea in your head you can also try to draw this in the template. While drawing you can see whether this idea is technically possible for the reality of the human body because the template is a mini display of your own perfectly fitting master pattern!

It comes with some checklists so you won’t forget important parts. Keep comparing the details on the checklist with the same ones in your pattern to get the best result.

In a bra pattern are always a lot of different, often tiny parts you should check carefully, everything has to fit with great precision. It is easy to miss one or two details when you have been drafting for a few hours in a row. So it’s a good idea to run through all these small details again after you’re finished for a final check to get every big or tiny flaw out of the way. You can add to this checklist all your own points of attention for a final check. Run through them with fresh eyes at least a few hours after finishing or even better the next day.

That’s it for all the basic alterations for the bra. Of course one could think of many more other options. In time I will develop additional modules so you can decide for yourself which ones of these modules are of your interest.

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2 thoughts on “The Merckwaerdigh e-course Bra Pattern Drafting is READY!

  1. I have downloaded your diy bra course from etsy. I am on page 20 and am confused about the A-D + D-C numbers where are those coming from? Are we subtracting these two things then adding, are they from the measurement on pattern, underwire lines? Please help, thank you in advance.


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