How to use the Merckwaerdigh Mini-Course SLIPDRESS

I’m a real ‘Busy Bee’ this Summer if I may say so! Just 2 months ago the digital DIY Bra Full-Course was released and now already another of the popular digital Mini-Courses is ready …
This Mini-Course Slipdress is now available in the Merckwaerdigh  shop on platform Etsy!

But what is this new Mini-Course all about you might wonder? It is a whole new concept where the slipdress Master pattern is devided into 5 sections, each addition creating a different type of garment :

  • Bralette
  • Crop top
  • Top
  • Tunica
  • Slipdress

If you don’t know anything about the previous mini-courses I can imagine you wonder what on earth is a MINI-COURSE? A sneak preview video on the Merckwaerdigh Facebook page will give a short impression what to expect.

Everyone of the Merckwaerdigh mini-courses includes a MASTER pattern in several standard sizes, for this Slipdress mini-course these are size XS up to size XL.

The included MASTER pattern is for a basic super easy-to-sew slipdress or any of the other options mentioned. Just 2 side seams to connect + finishing the top edges and the hem. Ideal for some quick new Summerwear! Or airy nightwear – or sportswear – or even very luxury evening wear, it all depends which fabric you choose and how you finish your newest darling. For each design is also a list of the quantities of all the material you need.

The 5 sections in the MASTER pattern each end up at a logical length which makes it easier to deceide upfront how long you want it to be. You create the different designs by just adding a new section each time and you can even lengthen the slipdress to the floor if you want, there are instructions to do so included!

Step 1 : Bralette reaching to the underbust
This design just covers the bust and needs firm elastic at the bottom edge to keep it in place. The course also shows instructions for a simple dart or pintucks for just a little more shape.

Step 2 : Crop Top reaching to the waist
When you add the Crop Top extension to the Bralette the design will end at the waist and needs some elastic at the bottom edge but not as firm as for the Bralette. You can also keep the bottom edge a bit higher for a long bralette.

Step 3 : Top reaching to the hips
When add the Top extension to the Crop Top it will lengthen to the hips. But this time you should not use elastic at the bottom edge. Below the waist the top shouldn’t be tight around, this would only cause the top to rise to the waist all the time. Just fold and topstitch the hem.

Step 4 : Tunica reaching to the tigh
The same for the Tunica extension which will end around the tighs and should not be too thight. Of course you can also make it in between the hips and the thigh, the thigh line is just an indication to make estimations easier.

Step 5 : Slipdress reaching to just above the knee
With the Slipdress extension the hem will be just above the knee. There are special instructions in the mini-course how to extend the length even further because you will need to be able to still walk in it …

The mini-course includes a lot of illustrated designing information and also exercises because it is a course after all! Don’t skip these exersizes, some basic experience will make it much easier to get your own designs right.
There are also pages full of information what kind of fabric, elastic and stitching to choose. The mini-course will step-by-step walk you through the whole sewing process with lots of illustrations in addition to the text. You can do it!

As you can see in the list of subjects the mini-course provides more than just the sections added up. All  those options come with a sample illustration and instructions in text and pattern sample how to get it done.
You can use the Master pattern below the waist as a skirt. And you can add wider straps to the Master pattern itself instead of regular straps elastic.

There are instructions to raise or drop the front neckline and to alter the Master pattern for a halter neck. Or you learn how to alter the Master pattern for a crossed front neckline. Which is one of the more complicated alterations. But after trying the easy ones first you might get around this one too after a while. There are challenges for every level!

Let’s not forget about the back … You can drop the midback, it’s clearly explaned what will happen if you do, or … be brave and create a cross-wrap in combination with the halter neck! Another challenging exercise but a great idea for a hot Summer day at the beach.

And then the fun part starts, you now have all the tools for both pattern and sewing to create your own designs! That might seem a bit scary at first and to get you on your way I’ve added extra pages with design ideas and described how to get the pattern done for them. It’ll be so much fun to work with it! No long studies, just go ahead and try it out.

An extra TIP : you can easily combine the Crop Top Master Pattern with the Master pattern of the mini-course Panty to create a body or swimsuit.

  • Connect them at the waistline as in the picture below, the side seam of the Panty will rise a bit above the Crop Top waistline.
  • Draw a new straight side seam from the Crop Top armhole to the Panty side seam.

That’s all you have to do! You can get in and out of the body / swimsuit through the neck, the stretch fabric will allow enough space for that.

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