New Merckwaerdigh bralette design : the WRAP

Recently I’ve been checking all the Merckwaerdigh designs that have not been published as a sewing pattern yet. Back in the days I organised quite a lot of lingerie home-parties to sell my handmade lingerie. It was a lot of fun and I owe most of my lingerie-making skills to that period (in the past century, really feeling old mentioning this …). But also I was hardly as organised as I am now … Which shows in the collection of patterns from that time. They are not the neat gradually progressing ‘nest’ of sizes as I use for the sewing patterns in the Merckwaerdigh shop on the Etsy platform. So they will need more fine-tuning and sometimes more sizes than were done in those days. But today one of them was ready to add to the shop as a digital sewing pattern!

wrap coverill+stars

It’s a bralette which I’ve called the WRAP bralette because the bralette band twists around the body twice. Midfront the cups cross and the band turns to the back again to close there. It was one of the favorites at those lingerie parties and for good reason, it’s a very comfortable bralette and looks quite spectacular.

So the past weeks I’ve spent most of my time on this pattern design to get it ready for a DIY pattern. Not all sizes were kept in my files so it took a while to add them and balance the grading nest, sewing some new trials and so on. Not a bad way to pass the days in these crazy pandemic times …

This brand new pattern is described for lace cups but also makes a very lovely bikini top, specially when you make the band more narrow. This option is described as well and I even have a picture from my archives. looks very different with plain cups and a narrow band, doesn’t it? That’s what I always try with my sewing patterns, show different options to let you play around with your own imagination.

In the first picture with the lace cups you might see the decoration at midback. That was not just done for the pretty look but also because while testing the back top band didn’t have enough length for that size, it was sliding the cups too much aside. I was too lazy to open all the stitching to relocate the cups so I just cut the band halfway and added a lace flower for more space. Which turned out to be a very workable solution when this problem might occur.

So far all the digital sewing pattern designs were available in one of the pre-printed paper patterns as well. Although the instructions for the paper patterns are more briefly to keep the shipping weight low. From now on there will be more brand new designs as well, the Merckwaerdigh archives sparked my own imagination again!

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