How to use the Merckwaerdigh MINI-Course THONG

Some years ago (2016 to be precise) I developed an easy-to-do-by-yourself Mini-course for panties : pre-drafted basic Master pattern included and ready to download PDF file. And now there is another one ready for the THONG! The Mini-Course THONG is now available in the Merckwaerdigh shop on Etsy among other mini-courses for bras! You can download each Mini-Course right after your payment and can work with the whole mini-course all by yourself, it’s that easy to follow!

All the mini-courses are an easier version of a completely ‘starting from scratch’ course.  You don’t have to do all the hard work of drafting a basic pattern yourself. Included in such a courses is a basic MASTER pattern in several standard sizes, for the mini-course THONG these are XS – S – M – L – XL. It’s a very basic design but with this MASTER pattern you can create your own designs with the help of all the info and exercises in the mini-course.

No need to send in homework to me for approval, it’s easy enough to manage by yourself without support. But before you are able to work on your own designs there is some work to do:
First Step is to sew a test thong in your size with the Master pattern
Second Step is how to adjust this for a perfect fit
Third Step is learning how to alter the pattern into your own designs

First Step is to check the size by sewing a test thong with the Master pattern. There are pages full of information what kind of fabric, elastic and stitches to choose and how to determine the right size. Use light colored stretch fabric, preferably some remnants you are not tempted to start wearing. The test thong is just meant to check the size and you can easily mark adjustments on the fabric when it’s a light color. The mini-course will step-by-step walk you through the sewing process with lots of illustrations. Piece of cake!

Second Step is to check not just the right size but also the right fit for YOU. A whole chapter will teach you what to do when it’s not completely perfect yet. What adjustments do you make with a low buttock or a flat buttock, a narrow or wide pelvis, the waist too high or too low  and so on. All with easy to follow illustrations of the changes you should make to the MASTER pattern. Once the test thong is a perfect fit you keep it as it is. Don’t start wearing the test thong, use it to mark your new designs with a marker with ‘magic’ disappearing ink. Which is way easier than figuring it out on paper only.

Third Step is knowing about the design rules before you go wild with all the designs in your head. What’s the maximum drop (or rise) for the waist and leg, that kind of thing. In that chapter is not only a lot of illustrated information but exercises as well. Because it is a course after all! Don’t skip these exercises, some basic experience will make it much easier to get your own designs right.

And then the fun part starts, you now have all the tools for both pattern and sewing to create your own designs! That might seem a bit scary at first so I’ve added 2 pages with design ideas and how to get the pattern done for them to get you started. You can even use these as another exercise, just to get you on your way.
The Mini-Course THONG is now available in the Merckwaerdigh shop on Etsy !

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