Materials you need to sew the Merckwaerdigh test bra

In the previous posts you’ve had a preview how you can draft your bra master pattern with the Merckwaerdigh Method as described in the new e-course I’m working on at the moment. We’ll continue in this post with the fabrics and notions you would need to sew the test bra. Because al that drafting is one thing but what really counts is the end result; a well fitting bra! Continue reading

About drafting the Merckwaerdigh Method standard bra sizes

As mentioned in the last post the Merckwaerdigh shop on the Etsy platform will temporarely only carry the digital patterns, items that need shipping will return when post companies function as before the COVID 19 virus hit the whole world. But this black period we share has a tiny silver lining for me, it means more time to work on translating the new e-course. My eyes are even becoming kind of squared from staring at the screen! Continue reading

How to draft the bra CUP master pattern in YOUR OWN measurements

In this post I’ll give you a preview of the actual bra drafting process in the new ‘e-course in the making’ for the Merckwaerdigh Method. In an earlier post I’ve explaned how to take the measurements for bra drafting in your own size. Let’s start this preview with drafting the front cup and the side cup. You will need the 4 length measurements covering your breast all starting from the deepest point = the nipple point : Continue reading

The Merckwaerdigh Method for bra pattern drafting explaned

In the last post we spoke about the anatomy of the bra and this time will be about the Merckwaerdigh Method for bra pattern drafting by hand. For the digital wizzards among us it’s also possible to use the same method in most digital pattern drafting software but I’m afraid you’ll have the figure out the digital details by yourself, the new e-book in the making is written for drafting by hand. Continue reading