How to take measurements for the Merckwaerdigh Method bra master pattern

To draw a pattern for a well fitting bra it starts with taking precise measurements, even more accurate as for other clothing; in a bra every mm counts!  To get it right you will need a good quality textile or plastic tape measure. Don’t use an old and worn out tape because it might have gotten stretched and inaccurate over time. Continue reading

The Merckwaerdigh Method for bra pattern drafting explaned

In the last post we spoke about the anatomy of the bra and this time will be about the Merckwaerdigh Method for bra pattern drafting by hand. For the digital wizzards among us it’s also possible to use the same method in most digital pattern drafting software but I’m afraid you’ll have the figure out the digital details by yourself, the new e-book in the making is written for drafting by hand. Continue reading

New Merckwaerdigh e-course in the making for bra pattern drawing

You might be familiar with the Merckwaerdigh e-book mini-courses for bras or panties I’m selling on crafts platform Etsy? They are all based on a ready-to-use master pattern and teach you how to alter and adjust the pattern for your own lingerie ideas. Well, last year I’ve spent a large chunk of my working time developing another more extensive e-book for bra pattern drawing, teaching you how to draw your own master pattern all by yourself in the Merckwaerdigh Method.  And how to make it fit perfectly and work with it to develop any design you’d like. You could call it the basics of drawing bra patterns although I would not recommand it for beginners in lingerie making. Continue reading