How to add elastic in a bra when lycra switches to scalloped lace

While preparing the digital verson of the Balcony bra in my shop at the Etsy platform I realised it had a quite interesting challenge in the sewing procedure. At midfront the band is made of plain lycra while the rest of the band is made of scalloped lace. How to add elastic at the bottom when each fabric needs another technique?  Continue reading

How to blind stitch crotch lining in a panty

The past months I’ve been working on a project preparing my sewing patterns for download versions. Quite a challenge but I’ll get back to that in another blog. To celebrate this new step it seemed a good idea to start with a FREE download pattern of a panty. And while sewing a test for this pattern it occured to me I could combine this with a tutorial how to blind stitch the crotch lining, sharing with you some tricks of my trade. Continue reading