How to draft new bra CUP designs with the Merckwaerdigh e-course

The most important task for the cup is not only to support the soft breast tissue but also shaping it. For this task 4 vertices are very important; they create an invisible diamond as it were, that pulls the cup in place. These vertices should be in good balance in all alterations of the cup master pattern : Continue reading

The Merckwaerdigh Method for bra pattern drafting explaned

In the last post we spoke about the anatomy of the bra and this time will be about the Merckwaerdigh Method for bra pattern drafting by hand. For the digital wizzards among us it’s also possible to use the same method in most digital pattern drafting software but I’m afraid you’ll have the figure out the digital details by yourself, the new e-book in the making is written for drafting by hand. Continue reading