How to use the Merckwaerdigh Mini-Course SLIPDRESS

I’m a real ‘Busy Bee’ this Summer if I may say so! Just 2 months ago the digital DIY Bra Full-Course was released and now already another of the popular digital Mini-Courses is ready …
This Mini-Course Slipdress is now available in the Merckwaerdigh  shop on platform Etsy!

But what is this new Mini-Course all about you might wonder? Continue reading

New Merckwaerdigh e-course in the making for bra pattern drawing

You might be familiar with the Merckwaerdigh e-book mini-courses for bras or panties I’m selling on crafts platform Etsy? They are all based on a ready-to-use master pattern and teach you how to alter and adjust the pattern for your own lingerie ideas. Well, last year I’ve spent a large chunk of my working time developing another more extensive e-book for bra pattern drawing, teaching you how to draw your own master pattern all by yourself in the Merckwaerdigh Method.  And how to make it fit perfectly and work with it to develop any design you’d like. You could call it the basics of drawing bra patterns although I would not recommand it for beginners in lingerie making. Continue reading

How to use the Merckwaerdigh Mini-Course for Bras with Large Cups

Last year I’ve launched the Mini-Course BRA in our shop at the Etsy platform. You can download the Mini-Course right after your payment and can do the whole Mini-Course all by yourself, it’s that easy to follow! Lots of illustrations accompany all the information to get a better understanding.

At the time I promised to do another simular mini-course for bras with larger cups. Well, the Mini-Course Large Cup Bras is finally finished and now available in the Merckwaerdigh  shop on platform Etsy! Continue reading