How to work with SCALLOPED LACE in lingerie

Recently I’ve added a new DOWNLOAD sewing pattern in my Etsy shop for a SWIRL panty with lots of scalloped lace in it. Since using scalloped lace galloons can be a challenge sometimes, it seemed a good idea to share some tricks with you!  Continue reading


Creating a BUTTERFLY back in your bra

Recently I’va added a new digital lingerie pattern to my Etsy shop, the butterfly bra In the front and in the back scalloped lace is shaped like the wings of a butterfly. This always gives a super adorable effect! To get this effect in the cups is quite a challenge but using it in the back of your bra can be done more easily. Continue reading

Using lingerie sewing patterns for swimwear

Did you know sewing patterns for lingerie and swimwear are very simular? With exception of non-stretch underwear both use the same type of stretch in the fabrics. Although the fabric for swimwear usually is somewhat firmer both still need a good amount of 10 to 15% lycra (or spandex) yarns knitted along with the other yarns. The main difference is in the styling and way of trimming. Without any problem sewing patterns ment for lingerie can also be used to make swimwear. And of course the other way around as well.

To explane how to do this I’ve put together a PDF which is available for free download on the Merckwaerdigh Home page at free downloads Continue reading