What is the difference between a bra in Merckwaerdigh standard sizes or in your own measurements

What a rollercoaster life has become with this new COVID 19 virus! I even had to change my shop on the Etsy platform just selling digital items for the moment until shipping companies are better able again to get orders to customers. Which ;eaves me more time to finish the new DIY e-course for bra pattern drafting! Continue reading

FREE download : How to make your own SLEEPING MASK

Life can be pretty hectic nowadays and all the impressions of real life plus life on-screen keep buzzing around in your brain when you could really do with a good night sleep … It doesn’t help to hardly ever have the surrounding calming dark, there is always some light on somewhere to prevent you to fall asleep. A well-fitting sleeping mask might do the trick and I will show you how to make this yourself!  Continue reading