How to create a BUTTERFLY back in your bra

Recently I’va added a new digital lingerie pattern to my Etsy shop, the butterfly bra In the front and in the back scalloped lace is shaped like the wings of a butterfly. This always gives a super adorable effect! To get this effect in the cups is quite a challenge but using it in the back of your bra can be done more easily.

ButterflyCoverill rug

It’s just a matter of adding a triangle shape for the lace wings both sides of the closure midback and draw a curved line from the top point towards the original top edge of the bra band. In words it might sound a bit complicated but there’s really not that much to it. Of course you could just buy the pattern and use this as a lay-over for the midback in any other bra … that would be the really easy way! But I’m sure you can manage drawing one yourself if you would make the effort.

In the digital pattern I’ve added a picture how to change the bra band back to a regular plain band. You can use the same picture here as a helping hand to create your own butterfly wings! The main measurement is the height of the closure, for a regular 2 hook closure that would be around 2,5cm. Take 2/3 of this (1,5cm) as indication for the bottom edge, that will be the low intersection of the wings. measure at least twice or 2,5x the height (5cm or just over 6cm) up for the top points of the wings. Don’t go up in a vertical line though, let it run in a slight angle just as real butterfly wings.

Butterfly Backbikini

The picture from the digital pattern shows how to fold back the pointy wing to create a regular band. But when you want to add butterfly wings to your own bra pattern the picture can serve as an indication what it would need to look like. The wings will be quite modest, just a nice touch to the usually plain back of a bra. And of course a really nice use of small leftover parts scalloped lace.

You could use the same principle for a bra with a curved line from straps to closure. These are used a lot for larger sizes because it allows the bra band to stay high up under the arm. In that case there might be a 3 hook closure (usually around 5cm height) and you can use half of this measurement (2,5cm or a bit more) for the bottom edge intersection of the wings. The picture below is to help you on your way with it, the black lines would be the pattern as it is and the blue lines are the new lines you need to add. Have fun trying this all out!!

butterflywing DIY

Want to be more brave than this? Try my pattern BHST2 with much larger butterfly wings. This pattern was created to get a somewhat bare back in a charming way. It’s used a lot for wedding lingerie since wedding dresses can be a pain to find a bra or bustier that will not peep out from under. The wings will spread out very wide once you put it on and set the straps much aside, leaving most of the back completely bare.

BHST2 Arug

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